Community Support and Charity

Community Support and Charity

Chemo RV is dedicated to donating to local charities. So far we have donated:


2022 Charitable Change for BC

As part of our ongoing Charitable Change for BC initiative, from March 1st through August 30th $250 from every unit sold will be split evenly between six local charities. We want to help support the hard and necessary work they do in our province. These are all organizations close to our hearts, and we hope they’re close to yours as well.

At Chemo RV, we believe that supporting the community is like supporting family. We’re all stronger when we work together and help each other out.

We encourage you to learn a little bit about the charities we’ve selected this year and use the direct links to support them with donations today.



Williams Lake and District 4-H

The Williams Lake and District 4-H is committed to helping kids grow and make a positive impact not just in their own lives, but in their larger community. They encourage knowledge, leadership, and citizenship for young people ages 9-21 in their main program, and kids 6-8 in their clover bud program.

Donate directly to the Williams Lake and District 4-H.

Donate today


North Cariboo Highway Rescue

North Cariboo Highway Rescue is a non-profit emergency response operation that is dedicated to saving lives on the highway. Their volunteers train in safe rescue and use of emergency equipment in order to do their part in minimizing any loss of life on the highway.

Learn more about the North Cariboo Highway Rescue.

Learn more



Pregnancy Outreach

The Cariboo Friendship Society’s Pregnancy Outreach Program provides support, advocacy, and leadership to improve outcomes for pregnancy, postpartum, and newly parenting people along with their children. Through education, peer groups, food security, and healthy lifestyle support they’re helping people in their parenting journey.

Donate directly to Pregnancy Outreach.

Donate today


Quesnel Hospice

Quesnel Hospice makes the road less lonely for people facing end-of-life and their families. With a more home-like environment, families and caregivers can focus on offering comfort and reducing stress while still having access to professional care. Their nurses are specially trained in palliative care and provide it around-the-clock.

Donate directly to Quesnel Hospice.

Donate today


Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation

In the North and for the North. The Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation was created to give people the opportunity to improve healthcare and services where they receive care. This includes capital improvements, equipment, and education of healthcare workers and medical staff. They’re a champion of exceptional health outcomes for the entire Prince George region.

Donate directly to Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation.

 Donate today


New Horizons Society for Autism and Special Needs

New Horizons Society for Autism and Special Needs is creating an inclusive community for everyone to reach their full potential. They offer support, training, advocacy, and many great services and events for children, youth, and adults who are living with autism, physical or neurological disabilities, or are otherwise differently abled.

Learn how you can get involved with New Horizons.

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