New and Used Truck Campers for Sale

Truck Campers For Sale in BC

A truck camper (or “camper” for short) is a popular RV option due to its flexibility. A truck camper is a slide-in camper that is made to fit in the bed of your pickup. From there, there’s a wide range of options and equipment available.

Truck Camper for sale in BC - Chemo RV

New and Used Campers Retain Their Value

One thing to know whether you are shopping used or new, campers don’t depreciate as quickly as cars do so the price difference will be marginal.

Campers Are Convenient

A camper is convenient for a lot of people—which might be why you see so many of these RVs for sale in BC! Truck campers are a great way to go places that aren’t possible with other campers. Owners find they can take the trips when they want, and that they save money compared to trailers.

There are several options when looking at campers for sale. BC is a filled with them.

Know Your Limit

Before you look at RVs for sale, find out about your truck. The manufacturer will have listed a maximum gross weight that your truck can carry. This weight limit is different from a truck's towing capacity, because the weight is carried differently. Usually you can find the maximum weight on the edge of the driver door or in your manual. 

The Look & Layout

On the outside (example)

Exterior New Truck Camper for Sale in BC - Chemo RV

On the inside (example)

Floor Plan New Truck Camper for Sale in BC - Chemo RV


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