New and Used Motorhomes for Sale in BC

Motorhomes For Sale BC

There are a lot of motorhomes for sale in BC, because motorhomes offer a way to be comfortable on and off the road. Whether you’re interested in a used RV or a new RV there are 3 classes of motorhomes common in BC.

Motorhome for Sale in BC - Chemo RV

Used Motorhome for Sale in BC - Chemo RV

Motorhomes for sale in BC - Chemo RV

Class A Motorhomes

Class A motorhomes are the biggest motorhomes for sale in BC. They’re made on a special chassis and powered by gas or diesel engines. You’ll get the most square footage, with sizes ranging anywhere from 29' to 45' long.

Of all the motorhomes for sale in BC, these will give you all the features of a small apartment, plus a lot of custom options are available or they can be added later. If you are looking for a Class A motorhomes consider how comfortable you will be driving it on the road. No special license is required, unless the vehicle has air brakes.

Often people will tow a small vehicle for daytrips. You could also tow your boat or a golf cart.

Many have slide-out sections that increase the living space at the touch of a button. Of course, you’ll find options like custom cabinets in the kitchen, unique layouts for the bathroom, stunning entertainment centers and as well as heating and air conditioning.

You can find a good variety of new and used motorhomes for sale in BC

Class A Motorhome in BC - Chemo RV

Class B Motorhomes

Even though they are between Class A and Class C, Class B motorhomes are the smallest motorhome type.

You might also hear them called camper vans. They look like an oversized van. Class B motorhomes generally can sleep up to four people. They are easy to drive and of course are easy to park.

The cabin in a Class B motorhome is smaller, which can be positive or negative. Since Class B motorhomes are smaller, they are less expensive, easier to drive, and park. Naturally, they consume less gas.

Class B motorhomes are marvels of clever engineering and space management! They feature kitchens, washrooms with showers, all in a van.

Your Class B motorhome will be easy to pack and drives just like a large van. If you are a spontaneous adventurer the Class B motorhomes, might be the best motorhome for sale in BC for you.

View all of our motorhomes for sale here.

Class C Motorhomes

Class C motorhomes are the middle ground between Class A motorhomes and Class B motorhomes. Some people will say they look like a large camper van, with an overhead cabin above the driver’s seat. This overhead spot is often used for sleeping or storage.

A Class C motorhome typically sleep up to eight people.  

Class C motorhomes give you more space than Class B motorhomes, but still provide the luxuries and space you want.

That distinctive cab-over bunk is the icon of Class C motorhomes.

We have a great selection of Class C motorhomes for sale in BC — we think they’re perfect for a family. It’s a home that you can drive anywhere! Many are capable of towing a boat or trailer — even a small family car.

Class C Motorhome - Chemo RV


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