New and Used Toy Haulers for Sale in BC

Toy Hauler For Sale BC

A Toy Hauler is an RV that provides room to live and room for storage of… well - toys! Grown-up toys, like motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles. The nice thing about a toy hauler is that it protects your equipment from the weather, and from thieves. Toy haulers are popular and manufacturers are building a variety of designs and styles.

Toy Hauler for sale in BC - Chemo RV

The Layout

The back of a typical toy hauler is like a garage, with a large door that allows your toy to come in and out. Generally there’s a ramp incorporated. Then up front is a living area. Sometimes the furniture and cupboards fold into the walls or to create more room for storage.

Different Styles

Like all RVs, toy haulers for sale in BC are available in a variety of styles.

Look for features like a built-in generator for electricity when hookups aren't available. You can have a refueling station to top up your tank every day. And on the living side, you can go large with king-size beds, full bathrooms, and kitchens.

Typically, these RVs have high ceilings to accommodate the cargo. Some toy haulers for sale in BC have walls that separate their living and storage areas, and some don't — it’s one of the big choices to make when choosing the design that’s best for you!

Outside view of toy hauler in BC - Chemo RV

Exterior view of toy hauler in BC - Chemo RV

Floor plan for toy hauler in BC - Chemo RV

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