New and Used Travel Trailers for Sale in BC

Travel Trailers For Sale in BC

If you’ve never owned a trailer, there are a few things that you will need to know before shopping for a travel trailer. Chemo RV offers a wide selection of travel trailers for sale in BC and we can help you find the perfect camper for your family and your budget.

Travel Trailers for sale in BC - Chemo RV

Know Your Tow

First, how much camper can your vehicle tow. That will determine if you need to shop for a tent trailer for sale in BC or a travel trailer.

The tow ratings should be in your owner’s manual.  Know exactly how much your specific vehicle can tow, and then choose a tent trailer or travel trailer that is well below your max tow rating.  Because remember, you will be adding camping gear, passengers and food to your weight.

Comes Equipped

A travel trailer is a huge leap from tent camping and travel trailers can accommodate two to four adults, some bigger models have room for eight. Travel trailers come equipped with an everything you need, from a fridge and stove, dinette and couches — some have full bathroom/shower combinations.

A tent trailer or pop-up trailer will have fiberglass tops with canvas sidings to keep weight down. When shopping for new or used travel trailers in BC, the next step up is a lightweight trailer, with a combination of hard sides and canvas pop outs.

These light weight trailers are more economical in both purchase price and long-term ownership. Their lightweight construction and collapsible design offers easy towing. They are perfect for smaller SUVs and light trucks.

5th Wheels

At the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find trailers and fifth wheels, which offer opulent camping with plush interiors, full kitchens and a selection of creature comforts. Often these incorporate slides-outs to increase the living space.

Here it starts to blur the line between camping and luxury camping. These well-appointed trailers often are equipped with stoves, and ovens, large refrigerators and enclosed bathrooms.

When you look for travel trailers for sale in BC, think about our great outdoors. Consider the indoor/outdoor audio systems, outdoor bars and other features make them perfect to explore our great outdoors!

5th Wheel Travel Trailer Exterior - Chemo RV BC

Sample floor plan

Interior Floor Plan of 5th Wheel Trailer - Chemo RV BC

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