Chemo RV Parts and Service

We carry all your needs from "Road to Roof"! 

Chemo RV has a wide array of parts and services at their RV dealerships in Quesnel, BC and 150 Mile House, BC.

Chemo RV has everything you need for RV service and sales—from road to roof!

Our knowledgeable and trained staff are here to help. We only sell products from the highest quality manufacturers and parts and accessories stores are always fully stocked with what you need.

Our parts stores carry necessities and accessories for plumbing, electrical, appliances, chemicals, solar panels, generators, awnings, air conditioners, suspension and brakes, refrigeration, towing and all around outdoor living.

If you find yourself on the road and need some help, or if it’s time for annual maintenance, our service department is highly skilled and eager to help you get on your way safely.

Providing great service drives everything we do at Chemo RV. Our customers are our priority, always. Our goal is to ensure every customer receives the quality RV service and sales they expect and deserve.

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How often should you get your RV serviced?

To ensure your unit is running to the best of its abilities, we recommend that you take your RV to your dealer annually to get it serviced.

How much does it cost to service an RV?

The cost of servicing an RV really depends on what you want serviced. On average, it costs between $75-$300 to have your RV serviced at Chemo RV.

What are the best-selling RV accessories?

Our best-selling RV accessories are: wheel chocks, level blocks, toilet paper, mats and chairs! Check out our parts and accessory catalogue for more great accessories.

What spare RV parts should I have?

It’s important to travel with spare RV parts in the event that a mechanical issue occurs when you’re on the road. Some spare RV parts that you should consider keeping in your unit include extra bulbs, engine oil, fuses, water pump parts, an extra tire, a manual slide-out tool and sewer drain cap.

What tools should you keep in your RV tool kit?

Having a basic toolkit for your RV on hand is useful for quick fixes. You can buy pre-assembled tool kits or assemble one yourself! A basic tool kit should include tools such as an adjustable wrench, roof repair tape, bungee cords, nuts and bolts, a hammer and a tire gauge.


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