RV Storage150 Mile House Location100 Mile House Location

Monthly storage rate - $60 / month

7 Months storage rate - $360 (pay for six months receive one month free)

12 Months storage rate - $600 (pay for 10 months receive two months free)

*Holding tanks MUST be dumped before dropping off.*

*Batteries MUST be removed. We do not store batteries*

Storage Package A

Basic Winterize

Fall - Flush system reg, add RV antifreeze ($89.95 + tax)
Spring - Flush lines, set up for summer use ($59.95 + tax)

SALE - From $129.95 + tax (Motorhomes extra)
Includes up to 2 gallon antifreeze

Storage Package B

Rubber Roof Maintenance
*With 7 months storage agreement

SALE - $219.00 + shop supplies + chemicals ($249.00 + shop supplies + chemicals)
Prepaid 7 months storages saves $60.00
TOTAL Savings $80.00

Storage Package Add-Ons

Seams & Seals Inspection available at no cost with estimate before repairs on any of the above packages.


Where can I store my RV?

Our 150 Mile House and 100 Mile House locations offer storage for your RV. We have different storage rates depending on how long you want to store your unit. We also offer additional maintenance options during storage periods.

How much does it cost to store my RV?

We offer monthly ($60), 7-month ($360) and 12-month ($600) storage rates at our 150 Mile House Chemo RV location.

How do I prepare my RV for storage?

We ask that our customers’ units are winterized before moving them to storage. If you are unable to do it yourself, we have storage packages that offer a winterizing and summarizing. You will also be asked to take your RV battery home while your unit is in storage.


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